We’re a digital communications agency.

You're an organisation that needs to grow, or pivot and stand out. We’ll work with you to craft an actionable plan that tells your story, with meaning.

What drives us

We saw an opportunity to do what we did at top-tier agencies, better. We value relationships and outcomes, not just output.

We collaborate with you to develop actionable, measurable plans that deliver results. We give you great content and design that inspires action.

Our people

We’ve hand-selected a crack-shot team of expert strategists, content producers (yes, we do video and social!), designers, UX-ers, data analysts, SEO specialists, and digital advertisers to deliver and implement your digital communications plan. We don’t have a B-team, which means you only work with experts, from start to finish.

Meet Kath


“There are no boring stories, only boring storytellers.”

Content strategist. Big-picture thinker. QA obsessive. As an agency lead for over 15 years Kath values collaborative, productive client relationships. She enjoys delivering actionable, informed and creative outcomes.

Meet Penny


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Marketing strategist. Workshopper. Whip-cracker. After 12 years of working in big agencies here and in the US (Chicago), Penny’s figured out the right processes for getting clients what they need. She specialises in insights-driven plans that drive action and outcomes.

Lisa Cugnetto


Lisa Cugnetto

John Ryan

Content Strategist

John Ryan

Aldo Schumann


Aldo Schumann

Our happy clients

We partner with businesses who share our values and have an honest story to tell. We can be your marketing and communications team, or support your existing team to develop and implement a plan.

What’s in a name?

Ravens don’t run. But they can fly upside down. They see the future. They deliver messages. They work together and they talk. They’re clever birds.

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