Develop marketing plan and website design to launch a new product targeting agricultural businesses.

The challenge

Create website design and key messaging for a start-up targeting agricultural businesses

We helped DelayPay develop their brand and key messaging to put their unique product confidently out to market. DelayPay needed to position itself as a reliable, trusted and easy-to-use new service, facilitating the purchase of agricultural supplies. In its infancy, DelayPay was an idea, backed by big insurance and finance parties – it needed to get to market, to inform the audience and build a customer base.

DelayPay needed a brand, a story to tell and a platform (a website) to tell it.

The approach

Brand persona, key messaging and website design and content


Develop DelayPay brand persona, voice and tone, through workshop series


Map the DelayPay customer experience to determine how to communicate it


Develop DelayPay key messages and story, to inform website and communications content


Test messaging through customer research and interviews, to ensure accuracy and appeal of messages


Design new website and write content for launch


QA website implementation (by client-sourced developer) to ensure quality for launch

The outcomes

Refined key messaging and website design

  • Clear brand persona and accurate, inspiring key messages, for use across all communications
  • Website design, for implementation

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