North Richmond Community Health

Engaging, accessible COVID-19 vaccination videos in eight languages, addressing community vaccination concerns

The challenge

A content-driven response to engage local at-risk communities

North Richmond Community Health needed to reach their high-risk accommodation residents with urgent vaccination messages, in language.

With misinformation circulating and significant vaccine hesitancy, we needed to understand our CALD communities better to reach them, in language, with the right message and rationale to inspire action.

The approach

Assess client and audience requirements; develop appropriate content in response


Work with the client to understand the audience, their motivators and hesitancy


Identify accurate and appropriate messaging, and the best community leaders to deliver it


Film talent videos onsite at the North Richmond housing estate (i.e. home for most of the audience), in language and in English, as a reference for editing


Employ NAATI certified translators to translate accurately and with appropriate cultural nuance and understanding


Publish and promote the videos across multiple online and offline platforms (website and social, in-building and in-clinic TVs and staff computers)

The outcomes

In-language videos from community leaders

  • Eight videos targeting hard-to-reach communities
  • Videos published in multiple online and onsite channels

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